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Our partner MultiPhoton Optics, candidate for the PIC Awards


Multiphoton is candidate for the PIC award in its category "ADVANCES IN PHOTONICS INTEGRATION".

This award recognises innovative approaches to new and commercially important PIC technology platforms, PIC packing, PIC design that results in more features into a chip and raising the bar to the next level.

MultiPhoton Optics (MPO) has been nominated for this prestigious award for the same technology of laser-based microfabrication that lays in the foundation of Phenomenon.  The competitors for the PIC Awards include such recognized companies as Oclaro, IBM, Lumentum or CISCO.

The technology of High-Precision 3D Printing, by MPO, raises the bar in photonics integration, allowing an easy integration of various PIC platforms (Silicon Photonics, TriPlex, Indium Phosphide) by just passive alignment. Interconnects and coupling structures can be fabricated on-chip, chip-to-chip, chip-to-board, etc. The High Precision 3D Printer Platform allows an extremely high degree of freedom in processes, material choices, and fabrication strategies (machine- and exposure driven) providing a tremendous throughput in prototyping and production phases. Surface parameters can be adjusted by choice, with roughness values beginning below 5 nm. Different tasks can be simply executed in one packaging process: optical interconnects can be fabricated next to in-/outcoupling structures such as arbitrarily microoptical elements. The latter can be also used to create a master (Ni shim, polymer mold) to even more upscale the production process for imaging, illumination, and other fields where photonics packaging is required. There are no restrictions in sample formats and kind of substrate – highly flexible processes with the LithoProf3D® High-Precision 3D Printer Platform for Photonics Packaging of the next generation at industrial throughput with no restriction on the PIC and die platforms, reduced cost, and less consumption of resources.

Votes can be casted now until 23rd of March at: http://www.picawards.net/vote