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Wonder Week for PHENOmenon shows good project progress

General Lisbon - Portugal

This week, PHENOmenon partners had a technical meeting, the Midterm Review Meeting, and a special Session at the SMS10 conference, all in the beautiful city of Lisbon.

All three activities allowed to assess that the project is on its track for success, and were used to share the project advances and results so far within the consortium, to the European Commission, and to the Scientific Community.

The success of all of these activities confirm the solid advance of the project towards the objective of an industrial grade, robust and efficient 3D nanoprinting technology using massive laser beam parallelization and advanced photochemistry.

The current state of the development include the possibility to parallelize a high power laser beam to up to 10 thousand individual coplanar spots with excellent homogeneity, while a 2 Mpixel SLM projection setup is ready to be demonstrated for even higher parallelization capacity. A new photoinitiator -with a nonlinear optical crossection exceeding the initial project expectations- was shown to provide very low writing threshold and very high solubility (5%), and novel photochemical approaches were shown to work or be in their way to work, including hybrid materials through sol-gel, as well and a groundbreaking approach for CW-laser nanoprinting. Nanopillar-based metaoptics, simple high NA microlenses, holograms and custom light difusers were also shown, both as optical designs from computations and as actual realizations using PHENOmenon writing technology.

In short, it was a successful showcase of what the project could achieve at its midpoint, and how good are the prospects for the project achievements in the following months.