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Women in Science: Maïna Sinou

General France

Maïna Sinou works as Research Engineer in the optic and micro-waves departments at IMT Atlantique. Within the PHENOmenon Project she makes and develop new type of diffractive optics elements.

When did you realise that you wanted to pursue a career in a science and technology field? What were your motivations to make this decision?
I was 13 when I decided to work in science due to my natural interest for science, good marks, and career opportunities in this domain.

Give an overview of your professional path.
First I have studied materials and thin layers. My training courses in research labs allow me to be hired as cleanroom responsible/research engineer in a first job. I arrived in optic department of IMT Atlantique due to the acquired skills. Three years later, I obtained a permanent position between the two departments optics and micro-waves.

Provide a short overview of your job. What are your main responsibilities?
For optic department, I am cleanroom responsible, it means that I make sure that it works, I form new peoples, give some advices. Also I work on research projects and I develop new or existing process. For Micro-wave department, I am “techno responsible”, it is quite the same but my main research subject in LTCC technologie. 

What do you find the most rewarding in your job? What do you find the most challenging in your job?
The most rewarding is probably to be an expert about sharp subjects.  

What is your role within the PHENOmenon project? How do you expect your work in PHENOmenon project to contribute to your career development?

I make and develop new type of diffractive optics elements. I hope to add a publication to my resumee. 

What would you advice to girl students that want to pursue a career in a science and technology field?
Never be influenced by reductive advices.