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Young Minds: Luis Adrián Pérez Covarrubias

General Mexico

Luis Adrián Pérez has an engineering degree in Nanotechnology. His desire to learn more about the relation matter-light, made that he moved from Mexico to Europe. At present, he is doing a PhD at IMT Atlantique, working on the PHENOmenon project.

What is your background (Degree, Master Degree, PhD on…)?
I have an engineering degree in Nanotechnology from the Autonomous University of Querétaro in Mexico then I decided to move to Europe continuing my studies. I did a master degree in optics and photonics at Aix-Marseille University in France and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany. Nowadays, I am doing my PhD at IMT Atlantique working on the PHENOmenon project.

What inspired you to pursue a career in a photonics-related field?
When I was younger, during my studies in Mexico I wanted to know more about the relation matter-light, understand why the light can modify the properties of the matter. I could not satisfy my curiosity during my career in Mexico and I decided to continue my studies and that is why I am still learning about photonics and I will do it all my life.

What is your role within the PHENOmenon project? How do you expect your work in PHENOmenon project will contribute to your career development?
My principal role within the PHENOmenon project is the optimization of the massively parallel photochemical writing process and the performance of a super-fast 3D nano-printer. During PHENOmenon meetings, I am creating new networking with different colleagues of the project and this is helping me to understand how is the labor world in the area of photonics.

What are the activities in your current position that you find the most interesting and why?
I have two activities, one is to work in the cleanroom because I feel working in a playground wearing a strange suit. Second, it is to travel to different places around Europe for PHENOmenon meetings and present my results because it always pleases me to share my knowledge with someone.

What are the main opportunities you identify in your photonics-related field in terms of career development?
It is an emerging and versatile field, where there are many interesting contributions to be made from a scientific contribution in biophotonics to the creation of a company in solar cells or additive manufacturing. The photonics-related field is a world of possibilities.

Advice for future photonics-related professionals? This is a career for you if….
This is a career for you if you enjoy working with lasers and learn new things every day. You do not have to be an expert only in physics, chemistry or another science because photonics is an interdisciplinary area and you will learn from people with different backgrounds.