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PHENOmenon project Month 24 meeting in Würzburg

General MPO Headquarters, Würzburg, Germany

The PHENOmenon consortium met at the Multiphoton Optics Headquarters in Würzburg (Germany) to discuss the latest results that came from a very cooperative and fruitful effort.

During this meeting, the PHENOmenon consortium closed the definition of the next steps and how to connect all the awesome developments and results obtained in the first two years of the project, with the demands and requirements from the application-driven demonstrators.

The partners presented their results regarding the high resolution that the photoresins and photoinitiators developed on the project, revealing negligible differences between the width of the lines produced just over the substrate or suspended between adjacent structures. Moreover, the advancements found for the use of these photoresins/photoinitiators for their use in massive parallelization of Two-Photon Polymerization (TPP) were also discussed during this meeting, not only the resolution improvements. The possibility of increasing the refractive index of the photocured materials was also introduced and discussed, as well as the development of procedures for the measurement of nanopatterned films refractive index besides the use of Spectroscopic ellipsometry, which is a method that brings certain complexity to the measurement.

The improvements reached in terms of parallelization of the TPP technique were also a subject of discussion. The results obtained by parallel TPP using Diffractive Optical Elements (DOE) that split the beam into more than 104 parallel beams were presented. The difference found when using the photochemical materials developed within the frame of the project and a commercial alternative (Ormocomp©), was introduced, showing how the combination of the parallelization techniques and PHENOmenon resins are an excellent combination for boosting the TPP efficiency. Moreover, the design and preparation of three different dynamic beam shaping setups for the parallelization of TPP were discussed. The greatest challenges encountered during the setting process of their first version was discussed, as for example the strong influence of Speckle in the maximum resolution and definition achievable, as well as the solutions that the consortium has found to overcome such challenges.

Finally, the solutions that the micro/nanostructures designed within the frame of the PHENOmenon project tackling End-Users needs were also presented. In this way, the proposed structures and the results of the simulations carried out specifically suited to their applications were presented, showing outstanding results in some cases.

Finally, the final definition of PHENOmenon-enabled demonstrators that will validate the potential of the PHENOmenon technology has been provided, setting the foundations for the proper validation and benchmarking of the technology to be carried out until the end of the project (December 2020).

  • Free standing photopolymerized structures. Source: CNRS
  • Polar distribution of different structures (On the right the results of the PHENOmenon). Source: FLUXIM
  • Consortium members at the PHENOmenon M24 meeting