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Faceted Fresnel DOEs creating the perception of a floating 3D virtual object under divergent illumination


Authors: Song Qiang, Pigeon Yoran Eli, Heggarty Kevin

Abstract: An approach for the optimization and fabrication of a phase-only faceted Fresnel type diffractive optical element (FDOE) creating 3D virtual object is proposed. The FDOE is a transmissive Fresnel type DOE array, which produces the perception of a customized floating 3D virtual object behind the FDOE when illuminated with a divergent monochromatic Light Emitter Diode (LED) source. Each DOE unit of the FDOE is optimized by a modified iterative Fourier transform algorithm (M-IFTA). Every unit of the FDOE locally deflects the incident light to the same position to form a designated view in the target plane. The FDOE is fabricated using our home-built parallel writing photo-lithography machine. Numerical simulations and optical experiments are performed to verify the proposed design method. This work may find important applications in the advanced design of optical security hologram and anti-counterfeiting component.

Publisher/link to publication: Optics Communications. 2019;451:231-9. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.optcom.2019.06.047

Open Access: https://hal-imt-atlantique.archives-ouvertes.fr/hal-02189529/file/Pre_print_OC.pdf