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WORKSHOP: High throughtput two-photon polymerization for industrial 2D and 3D microfabrication

General Online International Event

PHENOmenon EU project organizes a monographic workshop on Fast scanning speed and massive parallelization of two-photon polymerization for high throughput industrial 2D and 3D microfabrication. During the workshop, the latest advances in high throughput direct laser fabrication, result of the project, will be presented by PHENOmenon partners.
The workshop will be open also for key players in the field of 3D laser nanofabrication, particularly working in the field of two photon polymerization, to promote discussion and exchange between worldwide researchers and identify the path towards industrial implementation and new applications.

The partners of  European H2020 PHENOmenon project propose to take the opportunity of their project worshop to stimulate exchanges between worldwide researchers on progresses that are leading this new micro-manufacturing technology to the industrial stage.

Part of the worshop will be dedicated to short communications presenting the main outcome and demonstrators of PHENOmenon project “laser manufacturing of 3D nanostructured optics using advanced photochemistry”. The project consortium includes 4 research institutions (AIMEN, CNRS, IMT-A and ICFO) and 8 industrial partners (THALES, Multiphoton Optics, FLUXIM, Flexenable, CDA, PSA, FNMT, and DesignLED). Demonstrators will show the capability to produce 3D optical micro-nanostructured components with unique optical characteristics, offering differential advantages in many products: holographic products, efficient lighting, high performance optics, backlighting units for displays, HMIs [Human Machine Interface] and planar concentrator microlenses.

Another section will give the opportunity to researchers from the global two-photon polymerization community and to industrials interested by the development of 3D microfabrication technology to present their latest progress and expectations.

The workshop will be organized in 4 oral sessions with 15’+QA talks, and 25’+QA invited talks:

  • Ultrasensitive two-photon active materials
  • High-speed and massively parallel optomechanical technology
  • Photophysical and photochemistry problems induced by high speed and parallel polymerizations
  • Emerging applications of high throughput two-photon polymerization: Optical surfaces, diffractive and holographic structures, metamaterials, biomedical applications…  

 A 20 minutes QA poster session will be arranged, with online access to posters.

Oral communications and posters will be selected by the organization committee composed of Pablo Romero Romero, coordinator of PHENOmenon (AIMEN), Pia Harju (CDA), and P. Baldeck (CNRS-ENS Lyon).

The short abstracts (1/2 page) deadline should be sent to phenomenon before the March 25th, 2021. To send your abstract, please use this form:


  • Metalens designed by ICFO and manufactured by MPO using PHENOmenon technology
  • Effect of a PHENOmenon optimized Brightness Enhancement Film on a LED output
  • High resolution suspended structure written in PHENOmenon resist
  • Complex microprism structure directly written by MPO