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General Online International Event

WORKSHOP: Advances in design, fabrication and applications of free-form micro-optics

Join us as we evaluate the available technologies for production of polymer and hybrid micro-optics, and the advances of direct laser writing, two-photon polymerization and microreplication technologies for industrial production of custom and freeform optical surfaces. The workshop will present the challenges and opportunities of the PHABULOuS Pilot Line, and the results of PHENOmenon project, but it will be also open also for key players in the field to promote discussion and exchange between worldwide researchers and identify the path towards industrial implementation and new applications. After each morning session, a networking session is organized to allow on-demand exchanges towards future exchanges and collaborations and flourishing of new research and business opportunities among the participants.

General Würzburg, Germany

Phenomenon M24 Consortium Meeting

Multiphoton Optics GmbH will host the next PHENOMENON working meeting, the next 2nd and 3rd of December.

General Lisbon, Portugal

Focus Session - Optically Engineered Surfaces

PHENOMENON co-organizes a special session within the SMS (Smart Materials and Surfaces) conference, focused on "Optically Engineered Surfaces".

General Lisbon

First Review Meeting

The project faces its first meeting with the EC to review its status and advance, with three high level reviewers.

General AIMEN Laser Applications Centre in Spain

PHENOmenon M18 Meeting

Mid-project meeting in Spain, partners will plan the strategy to make the most out of the project developments to face the very challenging second half of this 3 years project.

General ICFO

Phenomenon M6 Consortium Meeting

ICFO (Photonics Sciences Institute in Casteldefells, Barcelona) will host the next PHENOMENON working meeting, the next 19th and 20th of June.

General Brussels

Next Photonics Forum

The annual meeting of the ETP Photonics21, and the Photonics PPP, will host this year presentations of all the up and running Photonics Projects in H2020, including PHENOmenon.