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Latest news

General Würtzburg, Germany

Best of Industry Award recognizes Multiphoton Polymerization technology

Our partner MultiPhoton Optics has been awarded in the category "Additive Manufacturing".


The challenges of future vehicle interiors

Novel concepts of conformed and shaped screens, holography, dynamic lighting, etc..., aim to revolutionize car HMIs, and completely change the user experience within the future mobility solutions.


To Celebrate the IDL18

Check the concept of arbitrary light guiding and bending at the microscale, and its realization using multiphoton polymerization, our partners MPO propose today, Day of Light.


Our partner MultiPhoton Optics, candidate for the PIC Awards

Multiphoton is candidate for the PIC award in its category "ADVANCES IN PHOTONICS INTEGRATION".

This award recognises innovative approaches to new and commercially important PIC technology platforms, PIC packing, PIC design that results in more features into a chip and raising the bar to the next level.