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Impact of massive parallelization on two-photon absorption micro and nanofabrication

Authors: Fabian Hilbert, Jonas Wiedenmann, Benedikt Stender, Willi Mantei, Ruth Houbertz, Quentin Carlier, Luis Perez Covarrubias, Kevin Heggarty, Caroline Arnoux, Cyrille Monnereau, Patrice Baldeck


Faceted Fresnel DOEs creating the perception of a floating 3D virtual object under divergent illumination

Authors: Song Qiang, Pigeon Yoran Eli, Heggarty Kevin


An optimization approach of computer generated hologram (CGH) for divergent light shaping

Authors: Qiang Song, Yoran Eli Pigeon, Xavier Theillier, Kevin Heggarty


Diffraction-limited microfocusing generated by polymer microlines separated by 1.12 µm

Authors: Tellal A., Ziane O., Baldeck PL.


Quadratic phase modulation and diffraction-limited microfocusing generated by pairs of subwavelength dielectric scatterers

Authors: Tellal A., Ziane O., Jradi S., Stephan O., Baldeck PL.


Electrically Driven Varifocal Silicon Metalens

Authors: Afridi A., Canet-Ferrer J., Philippet L., Osmond J., Berto P., Quidant R.